Here are some of my latest websites. Recently, I mostly worked on photography projects but I always had some web development works too. I'm a bit geek, so it's perfect for me, to go outside to take some shoots and to sit back to the computer occasionally.

Kassák Irodalmi Múzeum - Kassákizmus


It's a site for the Hungarian poet, Lajos Kassák's poem 'A ló meghal a madarak kirepülnek' (The Horse Dies and the Birds Fly Away).

I like to work with Kassák Museum's young artists and curators. Our projects are always really clean and artistic including contemporary and classical pieces of art. And enviously we never need to work in a rush.

Client: Kassák Múzeum

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KAV Aluminium


KAV is a Hungarian company which's specialized to make high-end glass surfaces, aluminium sliding doors and windows.

I made a new website, some online marketing stuff, arcitectural photos and videos for them. I used Bootstrap for this website and a tons of javascript.

Client: KAV Aluminium

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Kassák Irodalmi Múzeum - A tett


It's another website for Kassák Museum. We basically brought this physical exhibition online.

I don't use any frameworks or something like that. It was built from pure Javascript and HTML5.

Client: Kassák Múzeum

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Keresztes Ablakvilág


Landing page for Keresztes Ablakvilág. They provide a special and overall service from the planning until building in high quality doors and windows.

The final target was a really simple informative one-page website. We didn't upload the full product range, but the aim was to give some teaser to the clients.

Client: Keresztes Ablakvilág

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