Some of my latest works and personal projects. My mind is always rushing on something and when I have a little time, I'm looking for a hint, I can work on. I like to experiment with new techniques and learn new skills.


DORKO - Takes you good places. ~ Iceland

We were flying to Iceland in order to make a nice material for the hungarian brand, Dorko aka. DRK.

Iceland looks like another planet, but it's still on earth.

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KAMSA shoes


We were flying to Hong Kong in order to make a nice material for the new brand, KAMSA and PRIESTON by Noemi Nagy.

Hong Kong is a must see place with huge skyscrapers and green parks, the city is matching with the style of KAMSA shoes. This cute PRIESTON raincoat was very useful and fashionable on rainy days.

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The spirit of Hong Kong's streets

The spirit of Hong Kong's streets

#hongkong #streetphotography

Hong Kong is one of my favourite places in the world. This city is spicy, exciting and full of life. If you haven't been there, you need to go!

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Homeless project


This is a personal project through which I'm learning some photojournalism. Besides, it helps me to keep the balance of reality after I photographed the high-end homes and luxury lifestyle.

When I talk a few words with these people, I feel something deeper than depression. Their souls are full of empty pain. Anyway, I think everybody's life is in his own hands but I never judge.

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SO 70's

SO 70's

I made an oldschool photoshoot with Petra Szanto and Nikoletta Pal at 2016 summer. It was a really good project with lot of fun and laugh.

Model: Petra Szanto - Avantage Agency
Photographer / Stylist: Tamas Kaposi
Make-up and Hair: Nikoletta Pal

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NKE Details


Some detail pictures from the building of the Hungarian National University of Public Service.

Building / Location:
National University of Public Service
(Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem)
Budapest - Hungary

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Oil paintings


This is my yoga (of course without yoga pants). It's helping me to relax and release the tension. But sadly, I'm very busy nowadays so I cannot paint a lot.

These are my latest oil paintings, all for sale.

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